My name is Will Morrison. I am an artist based in the Midlands. Though primarily a painter/image maker, my work is varied - I also make furniture, sculptures, music videos, and films.

The one consistent thing across these formats, I hope, is feel. It is one that is difficult to describe in words. Colours, mood, characters, composition, and materials all play a part.
I suppose you are always aiming to trigger emotions that have been triggered in you by the magnificent things you have seen, heard, and felt. Paintings have definitely done it to me before, but also films, books, records, and the colours and characters that live in them. They hang heavy in my influences, along with the emotions that lie, hide, swim, and die in them too.

Melancholy. Nostalgia. Confusion. Hope. Joy. Romance. Woe.
All in the desperate hope that you may get close to these aims with honesty and originality.

Certainly with painting, straining to reach these levels of feel will be an eternal process. You always want more. Sometimes it is difficult to put your finger on why something has it and why something else does not. I suppose that’s why we all keep working - to narrow the odds.
Please watch the video “Will Morrison - Visual Artist” for more insight.

In many ways it is easier with moving imagery, especially with what music can add. Whilst I am lucky to have pretty powerful sidekicks in these fields, the bulk of the content on this site is my two dimensional work.

I hope you enjoy it.